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Here at Katz Investigations, we guarantee an outstanding professional representation. Whatever your needs and queries may be, Katz Investigations investigative team has got you back. Our partners and associates are devoted to excellence, and have been representing our clients with great success since 1988. Member of the National Association of Investigative Specialists.

About Us


 Since Katz Investigations was founded in 1988, our legal team grew as rich in diversity as it did in experience. It comprises accomplished private investigators , committed to understanding the business and industry of each client while helping them overcome any challenge. Find out more about our practice areas in this section and give us a call today. We care about your case as much as you do 

In-Depth Financial Investigations


 Our firm is frequently asked to perform asset locations on behalf of clients for a wide-ranging number of reasons. The most common requests are in regards to divorces and personal matters. Often partners will attempt to hide the true worth from their estranged other in an effort to evade payment of what may be due. With years of legal experience behind us, we take pride in our professional knowledge and our ability to assist all types of clients. 

Judgment Recovery


 If you've won a financial judgment in a court of law you are entitled to payment by the defendant. Unfortunately in many cases, the defendant delays or avoids payment. In these cases, it falls upon you, the plaintiff, to enforce the judgment. Judgement recovery is an entirely legal enterprise utilized by thousand of Americans every year to obtain moneys owed to them. We have a large pool of resources and the experience to track down both hidden people and concealed assets.

Process Serving


 Process serving provides the legally required third-party delivery of writs, subpoenas, complaints, summonses, and other legal documents. Whether between a defendant and the court, a prosecutor and the defendant, or a judge and a plaintiff, process serving gets documents and signatures when, where, and as they're needed. We provide unparalleled process serving that assumes the highest standards of timely and accurate delivery and document processing.

Background Checks



Nothing is more important than knowing you've hired the right person for the job. When you've got your ideal candidate for a position in your company, a simple phone call just won't do. You need to have their background professionally evaluated to minimize the risk factor in your hiring decision. Our pre-employment background check will put your mind at ease. We offer a full menu of screening services, including:

Previous Employment

Criminal Record

Driver's License

Professional Affiliations

Homeland Security


"I’ve been a client of several PI firms during the past decade, but nowhere have I received the excellent, personalized Investigative services Katz Investigations have provided. The staff always made me feel confident, regardless of the challenges at hand. Whenever questions arose, each and every one of the firm’s Investigator's were readily available. I would wholeheartedly recommend Katz Investigations to anyone in need of their services." 

J. Anderson Esq.

Meet Katz

Knowledgeable and Calculated


From the moment you contact Katz Investigations, you can trust the Katz team to be there for you every step of the way until the successful resolution of your case. Our team is highly professional and has plenty of successful legal experience at its foundation. Our Investigators have numerous awards and recognition's to their name and our clients rate them highly. So give us a call and see how we can help. Member of: National Association of Investigative Specialists.


Paul Katz CMPI


 Paul Katz founded Katz Investigations in 1988. He is a respected member of the legal community and your trusted source of Investigative advice, strategic planning and professional representation. Known for his professionalism and his straight-forward attitude, Paul is always ready to take your case head on. Certified Missing Persons Investigator. 

About Katz


 Since 1988 we've made it our goal to help you get answers in the most discreet fashion possible. Professionalism, Reliability and Confidentiality are the core bases our company was founded on. An investigation agency's reputation is judged by it's clientele. Our most valued asset is the trust of our clients. 

Case Studies



Located key pivotal witness at the 11th hour, eight years subsequent to the event, resulting in a $6.4 million dollar judgment.

Saved plaintiff, a quadriplegic, the rigors and expense of a long and costly products liability case. Persuaded the prior owner of crushed ice storage facility to sign a declaration and to agree to testify on behalf of the injured party about prior problems with the machine where notice was given to the manufacturer. The settlement exceeded $2.5 million dollars.

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